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Kirin Ichiban x RWS Matsuri


The requirement was to create a modular booth that highlights the unique characteristics of Kirin Ichiban and align with the Japanese theme during the RWS Matsuri. This is in order to build general public awareness towards the brand. At the same juncture, there is the need to have the booth to be reusable & activated at different participating events.

Campaign Concept

A modular booth designed & fabricated by POPPER that incorporates Japanese Culture elements into the booth design was created. This helps to showcase the uniqueness of Kirin Ichiban in local market.

What we did

Kickstarting it off at a F&B Trade Show at Expo in 2018, the booth is designed with a simple & appealing backdrop that captures the attention of the consumers. Considering the different themes that we might have to adhere to, the buntings on the roof can be changed. For example, sakura & sunflowers were used as decorative assets during events organized by Japan Rail Cafe. As one of the vendor for RWS Matsuri event, a photo wall & back panel was fabricated & added, making the whole booth looks more complete, as the general public can take photos from any angle.