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As a next-gen creative agency, we help  brands of all sizes POP by delivering uniquely Emmersive™ brand design, marketing activations and experiential events that leverage on Emerging digital technology, Immersive content and actionable data.

Award Winning Branding, Marketing & Activation Agency

The POPPER Methodology involves 4 key steps to creating unique brand design, marketing activations, experiential events and digital engagement.

Clarify Branding Blueprint

We clarify the marketing strategy to ensure Brand positioning, challenges, goals and objectives    are met.


Connect Online and Offline

We connect with the audience by developing Immersive Content that creates awareness and provokes action while acquiring user database in the process.


Engage with Gamification

We engage the audience with storytelling and gamification that informs, promotes and provides an experiential encounter.


Activate the brand

In this step we deliver Emmersive activations through analog and digital media, creating memorable experiences by leveraging on Emerging Technology.

We design high-tech, high-touch marketing activations that leverage on digital technology to unlock the power of personalised brand engagement.

Projection mapping

From the side of a building to the inside of a convention centre, projection mapping can transform a plain surface into a wall of wonder.

Projection Mapping

The latest innovation in gaming technology, sensor-based games track your body movement and can totally immerse you in an imaginative environment.

Sensor Based Games

Generative art takes full advantage of everything that computing has to offer, producing interactive and compelling artworks for all ages.

Generative Installation Art

Gamifying your audiences' mobile experience can result in increased traffic and users' engagement with the brand.

Web & Mobile Based Games

Augmented Reality

Unlike virtual reality, which requires hardware along with apps, almost anyone can access and experience augmented reality on their mobile phone.

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, VR places the user inside an experience, immersing them in interactive 3D worlds.

Virtual Reality

With tailored instructions and 3D maps to reach their destination, help your customers navigate your space while creating a premium brand experience.

Wayfinding & Mall Directory

Smart vending machines engage and entertain your target audiences with interactive content, including games and e-commerce options.

Smart Vending Machine

All-in-one redemption kiosks provide a self-service platform complete with rich and intuitive interactive features for any shopper loyalty programme.

Redemption Kiosk

Help your guests capture and remember your event with innovative photo experiences or engage with interactive Boomerang-style photos.

Digital Photo Booth

RFID not only creates new ways to engage your attendees through interactive experiences but gives you immediate insights on customers.

IOT & RFID Sensors

Touchscreens and Signage

Impressing visitors with digital signages are a good way of promoting your establishment, and with cloud-based data management, updating content is a breeze.

Digital Signage & Touch Screens