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At POPPER, we masterfully fuse the digital and physical realms, seamlessly integrating online-to-offline (O2O) marketing strategies to create impactful connections. Through captivating digital campaigns and experiential events, we bridge the gap to deliver immersive brand encounters.



The POPPER Methodology involves 4 key steps to creating unique brand design, marketing activations, experiential events and digital engagement.

Clarify Branding Blueprint

We distil the Brand Essence and clarify Marketing Strategy to create an activation blueprint that meets brand positioning and marketing challenges as well as objectives.


Connect Online and Offline

We connect with the audience by developing Immersive Content that creates awareness and provokes action throughout an online-to-offline customer journey.


Engage with Gamification

We engage the audience with storytelling and gamification that informs, promotes and provides an experiential encounter.


Activate the brand

In this step we deliver Emmersive activations through analog and digital media, creating memorable experiences by leveraging on Emerging Technology.



We design high-tech, high-touch marketing activations that leverage on digital technology to unlock the power of personalised brand engagement.

Immerse your target audience in a dynamic retailtainment-infused 3D virtual campaign to generate excitement around your brand, products, or services and prompt conversions.

3D Virtual Campaigns

Gamify the customer journey with trendy sensor-based games that leverage innovative technology, creating interactive experiences that trigger curiosity and build desire.

Sensor Based Games

Project your brand story onto a larger canvas, captivating your audience and fueling their desire to explore further.


Drive brand awareness and capture audience interest with captivating web and mobile games that engage and entertain, turning potential customers into loyal advocates.

Web & Mobile Based Games

Enhance brand perception and stimulate action through immersive AR experiences, allowing customers to visualise and experience your offerings right from their phones.

Augmented Reality

Touchscreens and Signage

Impress visitors with digital signages to promote your establishment, and with cloud-based data management, updating content is a breeze.

Digital Signages & Touch Screens

Create shareable moments with a digital photo booth that elevates brand experiences and drives social media engagement.

Digital Photo Booth

Harness the power of IoT and RFID sensors to create personalised and immersive experiences, connecting with customers at every touchpoint and driving action.

IoT & RFID Sensors

Craft a unique brand experience with magic mirror to wow and also resonate with customers your brand story and offerings.

Magic Mirror

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