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Neuron ScootSafe

Elevating brand education with a refined strategy for ScootSafe, delivering engaging gamified materials for safe riding initiatives.

Brand Development | Concept & Creative | Digital Solutions | UX/UI Design | Web Dev

Objectives / Neuron sought to establish ScootSafe as a sub-brand that promotes safe riding practices and differentiates itself from competitors in the mobility sharing industry. The goal was to develop a compelling brand and content strategy to educate riders and enhance their riding experience.

Execution / We worked with Neuron to create a comprehensive brand strategy for ScootSafe, including the development of brand guidelines, logo design and collaterals. We also introduced a brand mascot named Sam the Safety Owl who is a supportive safe riding buddy for the ScootSafe community, complete with its set of personalities and tone of voice that aligns with Neuron’s.

Following this, ScootSafe Academy, an online rider education platform, was also conceptualised and developed as a product from ScootSafe.

Activation / To engage riders and provide valuable educational content, a dedicated microsite for ScootSafe Academy was designed and developed.

The microsite features a gamified approach to rider education, covering key areas of safe riding such as basic usage, app usage, vehicle handling, and parking conduct. Users earn Neuron app incentives upon completing quizzes in the form of mini games and participate in a final challenge. In the final challenge, users play as Sam the Safety Owl in a riding game to collect boosts and coins, while answering questions to earn points.

The microsite also offered a content management system (CMS) that allowed regional teams to customise content based on local riding guidelines.

Results /
Over 20,000% increase in riders reached within 4 months (compared to the previous year)
Industry-first online rider education platform

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