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Pokka Houjicha Roadshow


Pokka, the number 1 ready to drink tea brand in Singapore, is ready to launch their new drink – Houjicha, a roasted Japanese Green Tea with no sugar. To increase the awareness of the new launch, the brand is activated through a series of interactive roadshows. 

Campaign Concept

A series of Houjicha Roadshows were activated in various supermarkets, instituitions and coffee shops islandwide for over a period of 2 months. Working together with creative agency – Mashwire, a microsite game was developed to encourage the general public to learn about the roasting process of Houjicha.

What we did

Involving in the design phase, Popper also help in the activations islandwide. With a sampling booth that allows the public to sample both Houjicha & Sencha, an emcee was engaged for supermarket activations to help promote the launch of Houjicha, and also drawing attention to the booth. Japanese cloth bags were given out during the roadshows when consumers purchased a certain amount of Pokka products.

Alongside, consumers are encouraged to try out the microsite game on the TV, to win a free can of Houjicha, which was only available at certain coffee shops.