Heineken Silver The Ghosted Bar

Indulge in an immersive concept bar experience that cleverly nudges the hustlers to #WorkResponsibly.

Brand Event, Event Design, Production & Management, Digital Interaction, O2O

Objectives / A friend stuck in the office is a ghost at the bar. Heineken wants to remind the hustlers to stop letting their social life down, while also driving awareness for their new premium lager Heineken Silver. The Ghosted Bar concept is born, combining Asian’s love for ghost stories with wordplay “ghosted”.

Concept / We took over No. 5 Emerald Hill bar, located in the heart of Orchard Road, to activate The Ghosted Bar event. The immersive concept bar experience saw a paranormal manifestation of all friends still stuck at work, challenging people to #WorkResponsibly by leaving work on time and joining Heineken Silver for a good night out instead.

Execution / We brought the concept to life by activating interactive experiences and soaking the entire building facade and interior in ghastly shades of green, along with photo-worthy branded displays.

Via an event microsite, bar guests brought ghosting friends to the bar through the novel use of fog screens and magic mirrors as a reminder to not be a “ghost”. A #WorkResponsibly Help Desk generated witty comebacks to unreasonable work requests, allowing guests to save them for future reference 😉

The night wrapped up with a 45-min comedy segment on “ghost” stories as a reminder to #WorkResponsibly by award-winning comedian Jinx Yeo and a set by DJ Nicolette Yip of The Salvages.

Results /
100% sign-up rate
50% engagement rate for interactive content
>20 KOLs & media partners


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