POKKA Fruit Garden

Embark on a refreshing journey into POKKA's virtual fruit-filled experience.

Digital Solutions | Concept & Creative | UX/UI Design | Gamification | App Dev | O2O

Objectives / POKKA aims to attract new customers from younger generations and enrich their experience by embracing the metaverse trend. The POKKA Fruit Garden project was designed to combine virtual environments with POKKA’s juice products, creating a unique and engaging experience.

Concept / POKKA Fruit Garden took place in a captivating virtual space within the Poplab app, specifically catering to millennials and Gen Z. This futuristic fruit paradise allowed users to explore the goodness of three superfood flavours while immersing themselves in refreshing content and earning exclusive rewards along the way.

Execution / The virtual experience was meticulously crafted with attention to detail. The exterior showcased the brand’s innovation with a floating dome above a Japanese-themed garden.

Inside, users embarked on gamified product education quests such as harvesting vitamins from fruits and filling bottles with POKKA juice goodness. Completion gave participants the satisfaction of instant gratification through exclusive rewards such as vouchers and more. These quests were supported by other interactive elements such as fun facts and customisable avatars.

Our O2O approach thrived with the offline sampling roadshow. Through redeemable custom tote bags and exclusive badges, it brought the virtual experience to life and generated offline sales while elevating brand involvement.

Results /
7.23min average time spent per visit
29.9% CTR to POKKA Juice e-commerce store
17.4% of users completed all quests

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