Welcome to Agency Horror Tales. I am The Mad Doctor, the master of this show. I know everything about you, your past, and your future. I see it ALL. To celebrate you joining us this halloween, we have prepared something specially for you. But wait, please strap yourself tightly to your seat so I won’t feel you shivering. My child, you need to hush up for a better gift.

I have six halloween assistants here with me, pick one of them and they will send you a lovely present. It may just be the thing that you so die-sire.


Once known as the Photoshop genius of her era, Esly was pursued by many that she overworked, sprained her wrist and manifested real magic for her great revenge.

If you pick this card, Esly the Grim will lend you her overworked helping hand to work that Photoshop magic like she did.

Suzanne was so burned out from hunting for more clients that her soul transformed into a vengeful ghoul out to entice you into her sewers.

If you pick this card, Pennysuz will gift you a bloody balloon so you can use it to grab the attention of potential clients.

After receiving hundreds of briefs to brainstorm for, Sam’s brain short-circuited before her head rolled over.

If you pick this card, Headless Sam will present her head to you at midnight so you can have a second brain for brainstorming.

The heart of L-Esther got hammered into smithereens after getting her pitch rejected for the 1031st time, why don’t you love her proposal already?

If you pick this card, L-Esther will loan you her hammer to knock all the great presentation skills into your head for you to ace that pitch.

The lil friendly ghost whose creative soul died from being too nice in conforming to odd design requests.

If you pick this card, Kessper the Friendly Ghost will send you her eyes so that you can see design as well as her. Now, lesser people will suffer like she did.

Shuhui the perfectionist, as she was previously known, sacrificed her mealtimes to achieve flawless artwork for clients and was starved to the bones.

If you pick this card, Bony Shuhui will mail you a piece of her bone every time you forget to eat, as a reminder for you to eat your meals however rushed your projects are.

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Esly The Grim
Headless Sam
Kessper The Friendly Ghost
Bony Shu Hui
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