Touché, Bière Nouvelle is beer brewed with champagne yeast. It was a new and innovative beer that combines the twin European traditions of wine making and beer brewing – developed in conjunction with the R&D team from Heineken.

The task was to capture the spirit of chic elegance and trendy appeal of the brewery’s latest bespoke boutique beer with a bottle illustration capturing the “Romance of France”.

What we did

The Touché bottle design was inspired by the French café culture and lifestyle. The glass was directly sourced from France and sand blasted to provide not only a sophisticated look but a tactile feel that contributes to the drinking experience. A clear ‘window’ in the shape of the bottle reveals a French styled café illustration reverse printed on the back of the bottle – that is magnified by the liquid within!

Touché’s product & design innovation were the talk of the town and garnered the packaging Star Award when it was launched.

Singapore beer bottle design packaging ideas
Singapore beer bottle design packaging ideas