Desperados Secret Halloween Rave Party 2017


To establish Deperados as the iconic beer for Halloween occasions and raise awareness of Desperados as a credible party charger that is worth paying for. At the same time, allow consumers to fully experience the brand’s essence and character.

Campaign Concept

The concept – Heighten Your Senses, is the trigger of unleashing of your senses for Halloween. This Halloween, its time to heighten your 6 senses & unleash your imagination.

What we did

During the teaser phase, mystery box & talents were deployed over the weekends at various bars, clubs, universities & selected 7-11 stores. The objective behind these activations is to drive traffic to the main event – The Desperados Secret Halloween Rave Party, where the partygoers were transported to a secret location & immerse themselves in a heightened experience of scare rooms, neon UV displays & guest performances.

The main event was held at a bungalow, where Popper transformed the entire place. Using the 3 colours – Red, Yellow & Green, each representing a scare room. These scare rooms depicts a different scene – Chinese altar featuring the Chinese ghosts, Toys Room featuring the Clown, and lastly, hospital room featuring the nurse.

Desperados Secret Halloween Rave Party_scare actors3
Desperados Secret Halloween Rave Party_dancefloor
Desperados Secret Halloween Rave Party_Makeup Service