Edelweiss Trade Launch

From the Alps to Your Glass - A Sensory Alpine Adventure

Brand Activation & Event | Concept & Creative | Event Design & Management

Challenges / Edelweiss Wheat Beer faced the challenge of differentiating itself in a crowded market, while also navigating the complexities of COVID-19 safety measures. Additionally, the goal was to convince trade partners to include Edelweiss in their offerings, which required a compelling approach.

Concept / We conceptualised and executed an immersive journey to inspire guests to embrace the essence of Edelweiss, invoking feelings of enjoyment, refreshment, and revitalisation. We designed an experience that engaged all the senses, transporting attendees to the alps without leaving Singapore.

Execution / We brought our vision to life by meticulously transforming the event space into a snowy alpine landscape. Every detail was carefully considered, from a tram ride through the snowy path to a captivating herb garden and a breathtaking peak reveal.

Through storytelling, interactive elements, and exclusive early bird deals, we successfully showcased the unique qualities of the brand, generated excitement among trade partners, and achieved remarkable performance in both on-trade and off-trade channels.

Results /

  • 120 trade attendees (with COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Achieved 95% on-trade distribution vs. target in 1st month

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