Clarke Quay Decode

Transformed Clarke Quay with an immersive treasure hunt, unveiling its vibrant offerings through an interactive experience.

Brand Activation | Concept & Creative | UX/UI Design | Web Dev

Objectives / Clarke Quay, undergoing renovation, aimed to maintain awareness and foot traffic for unaffected tenants. The Clarke Quay Decode campaign was designed to create an engaging experience for passersby and incentivise app usage through exciting rewards.

Concept / We created an interactive adventure leveraging the allure of QR codes through Clarke Quay Decode. Capin, our campaign mascot, led the way as participants embarked on a thrilling mission to decode a wall adorned with 100 QR codes. Each code held a piece of Clarke Quay’s rich heritage and offered a sneak peek into the upcoming CQ @ Clarke Quay.

Execution / For three exciting months, we invited visitors to scan any QR code on the Joy Wall to access the dedicated campaign microsite.

The codes offered a glimpse into CQ’s rich heritage and showcased the upcoming CQ @ Clarke Quay. Participants had the opportunity to win daily prizes such as eCapitaVouchers and other rewards, including STAR$® and dining eVouchers from participating outlets in the CapitaStar app.

As part of the execution, we also designed a captivating hoarding board wall that seamlessly integrated the iconic shophouses, symbolising the unique blend of modernity and tradition that Clarke Quay represents.

Results /
Increased foot traffic and awareness for CQ during renovation
Engaging and rewarding experience for participants

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